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Linda Miles Endorses OurPerioTeam.com

Industry Leaders Have Taken Notice

"This system will eliminate so many calls back and forth, as well as keeping the GP and specialist completely in touch without phone calls!"

"It is the most complete perio system for success that does a dozen other things beyond what a dashboard or the typical PM software does for the Periodontist."

Linda Miles Speaker, Consultant, Author



What are the benefits of OurPerioTeam.com?


Receive referred patient info and X-rays with a few clicks, PLUS provide ongoing referred patient status before and after treatment with point-and-click "magic"

Revolutionize marketing to expand your referral base with a stunning new tool using GPS mapping to import prospect information and track your activity and success

Do you have any real idea what kind of return you receive for the study clubs and promotional events that you host for your referring doctors? OPT can easily quantify it for you

Track valuable activity that either doesn’t exist or is difficult to extract from your PMS

Interact in real time with your referring doctors with our secure messaging portal. You can send messages, x-rays, or other images related to your mutual patients

OPT can revolutionize your practice!

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